The future of healthcare is Nimble

Diffia is a Norwegian digital health tech company with a unique combined understanding of healthcare, modern technologies and clinical user experience design.

We are the makers of Nimble - a mobile clinical solution designed for hospital doctors and nurses - providing them with a tool that saves time and needless effort, so they can focus on what’s really important - treating patients and saving lives.

Made for health professionals by health professionals.

Key features


Designed for actual clinical work
True user centered design and deep clinical insights allows us to design for a solution that is a seamless part of clinical workflow, all wrapped in a user-friendly mobile-first design

Fast mobile access to crucial patient information
Instant updates, notifications and activity feed at your fingertips, providing better access to what is happening with your patients, and preventing information from falling between the cracks

Reduces time spent documenting
Document and access patient findings on the fly. Not only saving time on less double documentation, but also making that information instantly available to all your colleagues

Enables better and secure communications
Secure instant messages and pictures means everyone in the caregiver team is one click away from immediately being in the loop and faster decisions on what to do next

Uses machine-learning to automate & provide meaningful decision support
Repetitive, manual and time-consuming clinical work tasks are replaced with smart features driven by machine learning. Similar data driven features also provide effortless clinical support at the point of care

Empowers the patient
Patients are able to take greater part in their treatment, have a better hospital
experience, and can utilize their time more meaningfully

Easy to use

Designed and tested to not require training


Works on all devices and talks to existing clinical systems


Inexpensive and fast to code


Modern architecture & software-as-a-service

Built using modern technology stack

Time wasted = less time for patients


Average doctor time % spent with patients

“Hospital doctors direct patient time”, McKinsey, April 2014

Doctors and nurses in hospitals are spending less time with patients and ever more time stuck in front of their computer screens

Health professionals are overburdened by documentation requirements, poor clinical workflow support and inefficient communication within the caregiver teams

Important clinical work is done using pen and paper, slow clunky ICT systems, and communication through phones, pagers and fax-machines

Pertinent clinical information is often missed or neglected as it is difficult to find and access when needed

Patients experience considerable frustration from an inefficient, uncoordinated healthcare delivery process, with dire and costly consequences

Our mission is to give back time to the health professionals and their patients

Reducing time wasted and complexity by half

We did a field study at the stroke ward of Norway’s largest specialized care hospital, Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital. The ward staff were given a set of tasks in connection to three simulated patients. In the first run the staff were given permission to use all the tools they have available today: Pen, paper, PC, phone, patient lists, phone lists, colleagues, charts, etc. In the second run, they were allowed to use a basic version of Nimble on a handheld mobile device. The maps of movement and results are shown below:

The potential

The world is evolving, but healthcare is stuck in the past

Our vision is to build a smart learning system that is able to alleviate the burdens of the world’s ever increasing needs for healthcare. It is in parts of the world that today go without access to quality healthcare that the greatest benefits of building a learning smart healthcare solution lie. We at Diffia aim to deliver these next generation digital health solution to where they are most needed.

Doctors per inhabitant

Meet the team

A strong, diverse group from medicine and IT

Soheil Dabestani

Chief Executive Officer 

Medical student turned to health informatics and health IxD/UX design. Extensive clinical work experience and experience from sales in the small business environment

Petter Risøe

M.D. M.P.H. PhD.
Executive Chairman Chief Product Officer

Physician with research training from Harvard, Yale, and Rikshospitalet, and clinical experience from Akershus University Hospital.

Osama Hanif

Chief Operating Officer

A serial entrepreneur and a former Product Manager at Telenor Digital, with over 9 years of international management experience from 4 industries across Europe and Asia. He has entrepreneurial training from MIT, and has previously founded two startups.

Oddbjørn Kvalsund

Senior software engineer

Fullstack-developer with integration experience. Extensive industry experience as an independent IT-consultant.

Carl-Erik Kopseng

Senior software engineer

Full-stack developer with solid experience in our stack, and among the 7% top contributors to Stack Overflow.


Jon Grov

System architect and experienced software consultant
Gauge AS

Lester Solbakken

Senior machine-learning engineer

Thor-Egil Solhaug

Private equity and management

Ida Susanna Fattah

M.D., Intern at Oslo University Hospital
Oslo University Hospital


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