Nimble transforms healthcare

Nimble is a clinician's intelligent digital assistant to improve workflow, patient management
& communication across medical teams - saving time and improving quality of care.

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Simplify clinical work

Smart is simple,
be Nimble

Nimble provides caregivers with a tool that saves time and needless effort, so they can focus on what’s really important - treating patients and saving lives. Quickly assess patients, organize tasks and communicate with other health professionals through an interface that works on all digital devices.

care quality

Makes patient info immediately available. Safer and faster treatment for patients.

Work more

Ease workload and increase productivity.

Improve work environment

Simplifies the workflow in an otherwise stressful environment. Focus on what matters

Save time and lives

Give doctors more time for patients

We did a field study at the stroke ward of Norway’s largest specialized care hospital, Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital. The ward staff were given a set of tasks in connection to three simulated patients. In the first run the staff were given permission to use all the tools they have available today: Pen, paper, PC, phone, patient lists, phone lists, colleagues, charts, etc.

In the second run, they were allowed to use a basic version of Nimble on a handheld mobile device.

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Designed for you

Designed and tested to not require training

Platform independent

Works on all devices and talks to existing clinical systems

Future proof

Inexpensive and fast to code new features