It´s the foundation
for better care

Nimble helps you get things done and provides shared understanding
across your care team, making you more productive, less stressed,
and your patients healthier.

It is designed for your needs

Nimble is built from the ground up for mobile experiences, and built together with health professionals. It is not built by engineers on a remote island - we spend time at the wards to make sure Nimble fulfills your needs.

It simplifies communication

Nimble brings all your care team's communication together, giving everyone a shared workspace where conversations are organized and accessible.

It helps everyone find the answers they need

You don’t have to go to your desktop computer to stay informed. Nimble builds a searchable archive of your team’s clinical conversations, decisions, and work. — made more useful with artificial intelligence — putting actionable knowledge in everyone’s hands.

It makes documentation quick and easy

With Nimble, you can document common findings and observations with a few taps while you are with the patient - no more illegible or lost notes.

It brings intelligence to clinical workflows

It replaces repetitive, manual and time consuming clinical tasks using artificial intelligence. Nimble is a learning system that adapts to your needs and preferences providing intelligent decision support at the point of care.

It supplements your existing systems

Nimble is built with open and non-proprietary standards. It can integrate with your existing Electronic Health Record and other internal systems like Single Sign-On. You can also integrate with any third-party applications which makes it future proof.

It´s designed
WITH you

We’ve designed and tested with real doctors and nurses working in real hospitals in Norway. We continuously work with you to fulfill your clinical needs.

It´s safe and secure

Nimble can be delivered from the cloud or from within your firewall depending on your security needs. It is certified by third party security testing firms and adheres to the European privacy regulations.

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