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Diffia are the makers of Nimble. We have a strong team of medical professionals and product developers that seek to improve the world's healthcare through smart experiences.

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Our core principals

Company values

We focus on people

Great problems are solved by fulfilled people. Therefore, our foremost priority is to take care of people both inside and outside the organisation and remove hurdles in their way of achieving their personal and professional goals.

We help others

We believe great communities are the very fabric of a society. Communities are strengthened when members actively help others around them. Therefore, we aim to build strong communities inside and outside the organization.

We are honest and forgiving

We believe in being honest with ourselves and others we interact with. However, we acknowledge that honesty may some time lead to people saying things we don’t like. Therefore, we forgive others and tolerate disagreement.

We move fast

We believe the biggest source of frustration in people is stagnation. To avoid that, we move fast while disregarding the fear of failure and desire to control everything. That’s the only way to solve hard problems that are being faced in healthcare today.

We have fun

Solving complex and hard problems in healthcare are extremely challenging. We’re a bunch of optimists who believe we can improve the world’s healthcare. However, none of this matters if we’re not having fun while making a dent in the universe.

Who are we?

Get to know our team

Soheil Dabestani

Chief Executive Officer
   (+47) 938 65 349
Chief Executive Officer

Medical school drop-out who has turned to health informatics, health UX design and entrepreneurship. He has extensive clinical work experience, an eye for detail and converting insights into solutions, and is recognized as a skillful at connecting the right people.

Dr. Petter Risøe

Executive Chairman
& Chief Medical Officer
   (+47) 99 700 220
Executive Chairman & Chief Product Officer

Former internal medicine resident at Norway’s largest emergency department who switched to entrepreneurship and IT development over frustration with slow, clunky systems in the healthcare sector. With statistics training from Yale and medical informatics training from Harvard, Petter ties his deep medical understanding, insights into the clinical needs, and agile development understanding, in a user-centered design approach to bring Nimble forward.

Osama Hanif

Chief Operating Officer
Chief Operating Officer

Serial entrepreneur, tech geek and storyteller. Believes in connecting dots and getting things done. Received entrepreneurial training from MIT.

Oddbjørn Kvalsund

Senior software engineer
Lead Software Engineer

Fullstack-developer with integration experience. Extensive industry experience as an independent IT-consultant.

Carl-Erik Kopseng

Senior software engineer
Senior Software Engineer

Full-stack developer with solid experience in our stack, and among the 7% top contributors to Stack Overflow.

Hamza Nasir

VP Sales and Marketing (MENA Region)
   (+971) 50 447 6237
VP Sales and Marketing (MENA Region)

A thought leader, speaker and business development expert. Passionate about customer experience and the future of healthcare.

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