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Diffia are the makers of Nimble. We have a strong team of medical professionals, designers, engineers and managers who want to help clinicians save time, so they can save more lives.

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Our core principals

Company values

We focus on people

Great problems are solved by fulfilled people. Therefore, our foremost priority is to take care of people both inside and outside the organisation and remove hurdles in their way of achieving their personal and professional goals.

We help others

We believe great communities are the very fabric of a society. Communities are strengthened when members actively help others around them. Therefore, we aim to build strong communities inside and outside the organization.

We are honest

We believe in being honest with ourselves and others we interact with. However, we acknowledge that honesty may some time lead to people saying things we don’t like. Therefore, we forgive and acknowledge disagreement.

We move fast

We believe the biggest source of frustration in people is stagnation. To avoid that, we move fast while disregarding the fear of failure and desire to control everything. That’s the only way to solve hard problems that are being faced in healthcare today.

We have fun

Solving complex and hard problems in healthcare are extremely challenging. We’re a bunch of optimists who believe we can improve the world’s healthcare. However, none of this matters if we’re not having fun while making a dent in the universe.

Who are we?

Get to know our team

Soheil Dabestani

Chief Executive Officer,
   (+47) 938 65 349
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Medical student who turned to informatics and IxDA/UX design. Combining knowledge and understanding of medicine, (e)health, IxDa/UX design, and systems development processes, makes for a potent mix of skills well suited for designing for modern e-Health solutions. Soheil is social and likeable with an eye for details in user and business needs.

Dr. Petter Risøe

Chief Operating Officer,
   (+47) 99 700 220
Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

Medical doctor with a PhD in sepsis and extensive medical experience as a resident at Norway’s largest emergency department. He turned to entrepreneurship and designing for great digital experiences over frustration with slow, clunky systems in the healthcare sector. With statistics training from Yale and medical informatics training from Harvard, Petter ties his deep medical understanding, insights into the clinical needs and design thinking approach to develop Nimble for clinicians. Petter's full CV woudn't fit on this page.

Oddbjørn Kvalsund

Lead software engineer
Lead Software Engineer

M.Sc. senior developer and technical architect with over 10 years industry experience in designing, building and running business critical IT-systems. Having worked for Accenture, Oddbjørn started his own company as a sought after seasoned developer before joining the ranks of Diffia. Geek, beer brewer and proud father of three.

Carl-Erik Kopseng

Senior software engineer
Senior Software Engineer

M.Sc. senior developer with over 8 years of professional experience working on all levels of the development stack, within a wide range of industries. Keen learner and practitioner, with solid contributions to several open source libraries, actively maintaining the Sinon library of 5 million monthly downloads, and among the top 3% contributors to StackOverflow. Solid knowledge on all areas of front-end development - with an eye for user-experience.

Błażej Pichur

Software engineer
Software Engineer

M.Sc. software developer with over 3 years of professional experience. Before joining Diffia he worked as a Ruby on Rails developer. Not afraid of any programming field and picks up new languages and frameworks quickly. Błażej is creative and has on the side built several interesting MVP applications ranging from folk music, to city sightseeing to diet generation. “Eureka!” moments when coding and fun from creating things brought him here. Enjoys writing technical articles from time to time.

Nicolaus Klinger

Senior software engineer
Senior Software Engineer

M.Sc. software developer with over 8 years of professional experience. Nico is a full stack developer with excellent communication skills and long experience in building software for the health sector. A team player, a dedicated father and husband who brings joy to the team each morning all the way from Vienna.

Hannah Nicol

Product Owner
Senior Product Owner

Seasoned product owner and project manager who's passionate about learning new things and designing for solutions that simplify the day-to-day lives of the end-users. A translator between IT and business needs. Extensive managerial experience with an eye for shortening the gaps between process and organisation. Go-to person for complex and demanding processes. Very likeable personality. Being half Kiwi, goal is to have her teach the team Haka.

Anders Engen

Senior UX/UI Designer
Senior health app UX/UI designer

Senior designer with over 8 years of professional experience designing everything from full graphical profiles, to marketing material to application user interfaces. He is a graduate of the prestigious Westerdals School of Communications in Oslo, and has worked at Studio 3. Restaurateur and graphical artist on the side.


Dr. Ida Susanna Fattah

Medical and Healthcare Ecosystem
Medical and Healthcare Ecosystem

A physician who is deeply passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship to improve healthcare.

Lester Solbakken

Machine Learning and AI
Machine Learning and AI

One of the top machine learning and AI engineers in Norway and among the first partners in Diffia.

Thor-Egil Solhaug

Finance and Investment
Finance and Investment

Senior investment and finance professional with private equity and M&A experience and among the first partners in Diffia.

Jon Grov

System Architecture
System Architecture

Senior technology expert and architect with extensive experience in large scale technology projects in public sector.

Gautam Chandna

Board Member and Advisor
Board Member and Advisor

Founder and CEO of Skiwo AS, a marketplace for skilled workers. Gautam serves as board member in Diffia and brings his entrepreneurial experience to the board room.

Peder Figenbaum

Board Member and Medical Advisor
Board Member and Medical Advisor

A practicing physician and board member in Diffia as an investor, Peder brings his deep medical expertise and knowledge about healthcare ecosystem in Norway to the board room.

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